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Premium WebPlus Templates
Here you will find a selection of PREMIUM templates created for WebPlus, please select the correct version of WebPlus as X5 templates will not work on X4 or earlier although, X2 and X4 versions should work with X5and X6. To view a larger image of the template or the pages included click the images.
247 shopping Template - Multiple Currencies, Discount Voucher Codes
This Premium Template includes Multiple Currencies and Voucher Codes - The template is available for X5 and X6/X7. It is based on a standard WebPlus template, but the key page is the products page. The products page contains 12 products. All prices, tax rates, currency conversions and voucher codes are handled by an attached javascript library.
When the page first loads, it adds the prices and tax to the products at the default currency rates, it also adds the PayPal email address, successful return and unsuccessful return URL’s to all 12 forms automatically, avoiding the need to edit 12 product forms. All PayPal forms are completely automatically created.
When a user clicks a country flag all prices are converted into their currency and the correct rate of Tax applied. If they have a voucher code (in the example site ‘GIVEME10’ for a 10% discount on everything), and clicks the country flag, then the prices on screen are all reduced by the discount value and the tax recalculated on the lower amount.
The items selected are added to the cart by clicking the trolley, and the PayPal mini-cart appears at the top of the .browser.
All exchange rates, product prices, tax rates and voucher code and discount are managed via a javascript library, so the site does not have to be re-published each time one is changed, simply FTP the newjavascript library.
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247shopping Template Pack for X6/X7
Elegant Comments
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You will also notice that if you view source, you cannot see any prices, PayPal return URL’s , PayPal email, exchange rates or voucher codes.
247shopping Template Pack for X5
The above X6 packs now come with X7 templates too!
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