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Key Features:

Automatically takes your sites scheme.

Pops up just once when the user lands on a page with the CookieBubble master added.

Uses just one cookie.

Easy to install on any web plus site in less than 5 minutes*.

Complies with the EU Directive (revised 26th May 2012), implied consent rule.

Links to your site Privacy Policy easily.

Has a link to the Fortune Design ‘aboutcookies’ pages.

FREE Support by email and Skype.

FREE Upgrades.

Fully Customisable.


Pop-up can be recalled after it is dismissed by clicking the corner panel.

Cookie set to last one year, so the user will not get the pop-up again after closing the pop-up for one year  (can be changed if desired).

Once installed no maintenance required.

Pop-up appears only once.

Works in the same way as CookiePanel 4.2 but with a different visual interface.
With the new EU Cookie Law now in effect the CookieBubble  will help you stay legal. It is specifically designed for Web Plus X5/6 and uses jquery UI objects plus a little javascript. It uses 1 cookie, It clearly advises visitors to disable cookies in their browser if they do not want cookies. Now that the ICO has said that Implied acceptance from the user is acceptable, cookieibubble complies with this.
What’s Included:

A Web Plus X5/6 Template with full instructions and code.

Free Support.

Link to Fortune Design’s ‘About Cookies’.

Sample Privacy Policy.
Designed Specifically for Web Plus X5 and X6
* plus the time to upload your changes
CookieBubble  includes a mechanism to prevent your cookie-writing scripts from writing cookies.  It is designed to work with the implied acceptance philosophy, ie. If the viewer has been offered the details about cookies and informed that they will be used,  and still continue to browse your site they have implied acceptance of the cookies can also be used for explicit acceptance with slight modifications.
CookieBubble V1 for WebSites - Designed for WebPlus X5/6
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