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Key Features:

Automatically takes your site colour scheme to blend in seamlessly.

Uses standard WebPlus X5/6 features plus a little javascript.

Uses just 1 cookie (Only if user opts in.)


Select the countries you want the pop-up to appear (we have pre-filled in EU countries which you can customise)

Easy to install, add to all pages in 5 minutes*.

Full list of country codes included.

Use the provided functions to Control your Cookies.

Once installed no maintenance required.

All the code on one Master Page that can be attached to as many selected pages you desire.
With the new EU Cookie Law coming inow in effect,the CookiePanel will help you stay legal. It is specifically designed for Web Plus X5 and uses standard Web Plus objects plus a little javascript. It does not use cookies unless the user accepts! It clearly advises visitors to disable cookies in their browser if they do not want cookies.
What’s Included:

A Web Plus X5/6 Template with full instructions and code.

Free Support.

Preformatted Cookie Help links for all major browsers.

Sample Privacy Policy, just replace ‘This Web Site’ with your site name.

Fully customisable using standard web plus options.

Use the built in functions to control your sites cookie functions.
Designed Specifically for Web Plus X5/6
How it works >>
* plus the time to upload your changes
X5/X6 now includes a 
‘Delete All Cookies set by 
this Site’ button, and a
Show All Cookies Page. How to Video >> V4.2 Some sites using Cookie Panel
NEW! Includes a wpp with a 2 Step guide to disable Google Analytics if user has not opted in.

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