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Free Scripts
Here are some FREE scripts that you can use on your web site, personal or commercial. The only requirement is that you leave the remarks referring to the author in the scripts that you use on your published pages.  
Rotating Testimonials/Quotes
If all you own is a hammer every problem starts looking like a nail.
Quote of the Second! Testimonials
Paste the following in the <head> section of your HTML;
Paste the following in the end of the <body> tag in your HTML;
Eg: your <body> tag will then look something like:
Then paste the following where you want the Testimonials or Quotes to appear (box not included);
You can change the display interval by changing the value of the interval (2000 in our example on the left) in ‘quoteIntervalld’.
You can of course add more items to display by adding lines to the Quote Array.
If you want two different quotes areas on the same page as in our example above you will need to play around with the code. I can supply details if required.
You can include HTML in your quotes such as <a href=””></a> and <b>, <br /> etc. (Do not use any single quotes in your quote eg ‘ only double quotes “ as single quotes are the delimiters for the array variables.)

Have fun and enjoy!
Your service when we had a problem was second to none...

John H

To add Rotating Testimonials or Quotes to your page do the following:
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