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FREE WebPlus Templates
Here you will find a selection of FREE templates created for WebPlus, please select the correct version of WebPlus as X6 templates will not work on X5 or earlier although, X2 and X4 versions should work with X5/X6. To view a larger image of the template or the pages included click the images.
Magazine Template
FREE Inside Scoop Magazine Templates - The template uses many of WebPlus X5/6 features, such as lightboxes, panels, rollovers and much more. It also demonstrates how you can get other tools such as mootools to happily co-reside with the scripts that WebPlus use (jquery etc) on the same page.
It also demonstrates how to insert tools from other sources, such as RSS Feeds, Currency calculators and the like. Some other undocumented  things are included, such as Lightboxes inside Lightboxes.
I hope that you like the template, or can at least make use of some of the items in it. If you do use any of it why not buy me a beer?
Click to view a published demo version of the template X5/X6/X7
Please Read
Important Notes
Inside Scoop
Magazine Template
Survey Template
FREE Survey Templates - The templateis designed for Serif WebPlus X5, and include all necessary code for Classic ASP to store the results in an Access database. They can of course, be modified for other environments such as php, .net etc.
To view a demo of a published version of the survey, click the screen shot below.
As the template also includes all the necessary Classic ASP code and Access Database there are additional files in the download. Please view the NOTES page in the template for deployment guides.
There is also Page Hints in the template to help you set up your own survey.
Please Read
Important Notes Survey Template Now available!
Premium Survey Template
With Reports click the link here Click for Premium Template version NEW Premium Survey Template
with live reports! Click to view FREE FREE
Click for live demo Elegant Comments
Click the logo
Magazine Template - Inside Scoop - X5/X6/X7
Free Survey Template - X5/X6

Got an Idea for a template?

Contact me here and I’ll see what I can do to create it for you.

Free Survey Template - X5/X6 for PHP


View Demo

NB: FREE version does not include Reports

Premium Version Click Here
NEW! PHP Version of Survey at the bottom of this page

Details as per ASP version above plus:

Scripts included to automatically create database and/or tables in MySQL. Populates the look-up tables too.  

Inside Scoop now comes
with X7 templates too!