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Designed Specifically for Web Plus X5/6

WebPlus X5/6 wpx Template.

Full Installation Instructions.

List of ALL country codes for every country in the world.

Scripts pre-configured.

Has been set up to use your site’s scheme (providing of course you have set one using the scheme designer in Web Plus).

Full Support, by email, contact form or via the forum on the RichoSoft Support Site.

Preformatted Cookie Help links for all major browsers.

Sample Privacy Policy, just replace ‘This Web Site’ with your site name.

Fully customisable using standard web plus options.

Use the built in functions to control your sites cookie functions if desired.

Show all Cookies Page

Delete All Cookies Set By This Site button.

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CookieInfo V1 for WebSites - Designed for WebPlus X5
This template is licensed for use on up to 5 of your personal sites concurrently. If you wish to add it to additional personal sites you must purchase an additional copy for each multiple of 5 sites.
If you are creating sites for third parties then you must license each individual site by purchasing a copy of the template for each Third Party, or you can purchase a Multiple Commercial Reseller License, for a one-off fee.
With the new EU Cookie Law now in effect the Cookieinfo  will help you stay legal. It is specifically designed for Web Plus X5/6 and uses standard Web Plus objects plus a little javascript. It uses 1 cookie, It clearly advises visitors to disable cookies in their browser if they do not want cookies. Now that the ICO has said that Implied acceptance from the user is acceptable, cookieinfo complies with this.