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Unlimited Number of Rooms

Unlimited Room Types

Unlimited Seasons

Auto Room Pricing: Set Factors for each Season to automatically change room prices. eg: If during Easter your Room Prices are 20% higher than Normal Season, enter a factor of 1.25 for Easter Season and Room Prices are automatically changed in room charge calculations.

Auto Discounts: Set Discounts based on number of Nights Booked. Eg: book for 2 to 4 nights get 5% discount, 5-8 get 10% etc. Discount automatically applied to qualifying bookings.

Auto Validation: When customer selects room type, date and nights, the system checks for availability and either validates the booking or says that no room available.

Room Disabling: Rooms can be disabled from booking online individually or by type. This means that if a room is out of service it cannot be booked, or the hotelier can reserve specific rooms for booking locally only and make them not available online.

Cross season bookings, are automatically calculated on relevant rates. eg: Customer books dates that mean that 2 nights fall in the normal season and 2 nights in the Easter season, the system charges two nights at normal rate and 2 at Easter Rate, and it applies the relevant multiple night discount percentage to the total cost if applicable.

Auto Email Confirmation: An email is sent immediately to the Hotel Owner, or other email and to the Customer to confirm booking and payment.

Auto PayPal Form Creation: The system automatically creates the necessary for the customised PayPal Buy Now button and automatically generates the return URL’s for successful and unsuccessful payments.

Owner pages allow full administration online and can also be used for booking and managing rooms locally and are fully protected. If not logged in successfully the sub-menus in the navigation element are disabled and if a page is manually accessed no data can be displayed and a warning note replaces the usual data.

Windows Server Compatible: Can be run on a normal Windows Server with or without https secure protocol, with Classic ASP 3.0 support and CDO (for sending mail).

The Customers View.
The demonstration has the iBooker pages installed in an iframe in the Hotels (My Hotel) Site.
The customer selects a Room Type, an Arrival date from a date picker, which appears when the field is clicked in.
The default setting is that they can select an arrival date up to 1 year and 10 days in the future, and zero days in the past. (Can be changed if required).
They select the number of nights and the departure date is calculated. (This is a for info only, as the departure date is not saved and can be calculated by the system as required from the Arrival date and Nights).
The Number of persons is also selected (does not affect room charges but could be customised to add costs to room if required).
The Customer clicks check availability and a process starts.
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