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First of all the system checks each room of that type to see if it can find a room where the block of dates selected are not booked on any of the days (any cancelled bookings are ignored but kept in the database).
If it cannot, then a message is given to say that a room of that type is not available for the dates selected and suggests trying another room type or different dates.
If the room can be booked, then the system checks each date for the Season it is in, it gets the base room price and multiplies by the relevant Season factor, when it has the price for each night, it then checks to see if the number of nights booked qualify for a discount and gets the percentage. It then applies the discount and arrives at a net price.
The Customer can then enter their details and Book the Room.
A provisional Booking is made and the Order Status set to ‘P’. The order number is auto-generated and this information is then displayed to the Customer. A PayPal form is generated for the customer to make the payment.
When the customer returns from PayPal (by clicking either the ‘Cancel and Return to Merchant’  or ‘Return to Merchant’ after successful or unsuccessful payments, the Customer is shown the relevant return page.
If the payment was unsuccessful or cancelled, the Order Status is updated to ‘C’ (Cancelled), otherwise the status is changed to ‘B’ (Booked and Paid), and the payment added to the payments table.
After a successful transaction an email is sent to the Customer (copy to the Hotelier) confirming the room booking and payment.
The payments and bookings are then immediately viewable via the Owners Pages.

The Owners Pages
The owners pages are protected and the user must be logged in to view them.
Currently available in the Management Tasks are:

Manage Room Types

Manager Room Numbers

Manage Room Prices

Manage Discounts

Manage Seasons

Table View (Provides a graphical view of room status over a 14 day period)

Book Room (A modified version of the Customer Booking pages, allowing any type of payment to be added)

View/Edit Orders (Allows modification of any field on the order except the order ref.),
Change dates/nights and re-calculate costs and auto-book additional/fewer or changed dates.
Also allows ‘Move Room’ which moves the order to a different room and/or room type and/or date and nights, automatically re-calculating costs and booking the necessary room, and cancelling the old room.

Plans are afoot to add additional reports and facilities.
I won’t go into the specific detail of how the relevant pages above work as It would take another 1,000 or more lines of text here, but suffice to say that a considerable amount of error checking is installed to prevent duplicate values, date overlaps, invalid entries and context sensitive help to try and keep the system as clean and error free as possible.
Some information about the system
The current version is coded in ASP (plans to bring about a php version in the future). It consists of 40+ asp pages all installed in a single wpp document with 3 additional support files, an include .inc file for ADO, a database connect .asp include file, and an Access Database. Publishing the wpp will create over 400 support files and pages.
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