Lightbox open from NavBar.
X6 Update: If using X6 this will work just replace the ‘rel’ with ‘rev’ in the instructions below:
Have you wanted to get a WebPlus lightbox to open from the NavBar Menu ?
Here’s how to do it:
The first thing is to make sure you have a Lightbox on every page of your site that shows the NavBar Menu. The easiest way to do this is to have one on the Master Page(s) of every page that displays the NavBar Menu, in my case I have the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy docs on my Master Pages opening in lightboxes.
Why?, I hear you ask. It is because we need to have the Lightbox code on every page that uses the Menu, and the method we will use does not automatically add the javascript libraries to the page. If we add the javascripts manually on pages that do not have lightboxes we may end up duplication the scripts and stop all lightboxes from working.

Ok that’s cleared up now we have a lightbox on our master, what’s next?
Go to the ‘Site Tab’ and click the ‘Site Structure’ icon (),
In the pop-up window Click ‘Offsite Link’ then Click ‘Internet Page’ and in the box type in:
pagename.html" rel="wplightbox~#~~#~Title for Lightbox~#~820~#~400
Replace ‘pagename’ with the html title of your page, or path and filename of an image or another website page.
Replace ‘Title for Lightbox’ with the Title you want to display in the Title Area of the Lightbox, set the width and height (in the example 820 is the width, 400 the height. If you do not want a Title box then remove the text. All tildes (~) must be in the positions shown so if you remove the title do not remove the tildes.
In Menu Name enter the name you want to appear in the Menu or Sub Menu and click ‘Include in Navigation’.
Click ‘OK’ and then position your new offsite link where you want it to appear in the tree as normal.
Click Close. Publish your site and admire your work.
Job Done!
NOTE: The double inverted commas (quotes) after the page name are important! (Note that there is not any before the page name.). In addition there is NO quotes at the end of the line after the 400, whilst there is after the rel=. If the quotes are not positioned as shown it will not work.
PS: This will also work with PrettyPhoto and PrettyPopin for those of you that use them just modify the rel= to the PrettyPhoto or PrettyPopin versions.