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How to Move the Close button of a Light Box
In Serif WebPlus X5/6
On the page the light boxes are on that you want to move the close button, add the following HTML to the <head> of the page:
Change the margin values to shift the close button to the required position.
By default WebPlus puts the close button above right of the top of the lightbox.
Click here to see the result of the code on the left.
How to Close a Light Box from a Button inside it
In Serif WebPlus X5/6
Create your link, button or image on the page inside the light box and add an ‘onclick’ event as so:
View example here

More Light Box Tricks Here: demolb1.jpg How to Open a Light Box on Parent Page from a Button inside an iFrame
Create a quickshape that opens your lightbox on your main page, the same colour as the background and with no border so that it is invisible.
Give it an ID of say 'popitup'.
Create a button on your page that appears in your iFrame with an onclick event like :

Simple as that! Demo in iFrame on the right.