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These Members Systems are easy to install into your current site or you can use the pre-built members system template as the starting point for a new site. Some functions are installed in an iframe on an existing page in your site, whilst members pages can have the content in iframes or can be normal site pages with just two lines of code added to them.
Designed Specifically for Web Plus X5/6
A complete Members Site Template to build a members only site, or Add a dedicated Members Area
to Your existing site.

Everything runs on your own server, so you do not have to worry about your members area going down on someone else’s server.

Versions for ASP and PHP that both appear identical in their operation. So if you are hosted on a Windows Server or Linux Server there is a version to fit.

Windows ASP version can be used with a Microsoft SQL server or a Microsoft Access Database.

PHP version uses standard PHP and your MySQL database.

All coding is pre-written. The supplied template will work ‘out of the box’ with just a few parameters being set in two files (system parameters and database connect).

The system uses RSGlow javascript libraries (included and pre-installed) to display stylish and professional message boxes.

On registration users are emailed a link to the Activation page which must be clicked before their account can be used. This prevents non-existent email addresses being used and helps stop spammers.

Includes automatic Lost Password Retrieval via email.

Includes a custom Contact Page that emails directly from your server with inbuilt field checking and basic anti-spamming. Does not use external scripts or Serif SWR.

Allows alternative content to be displayed to non-members on the same page.

Turn any standard page in your site into a members only page.

Easy to install without any programming knowledge (email scripts may need some changes depending on what mail scripts your provider supports).

Works with X5 or X6 (Templates for both included). (If you have another editor I can supply HTML files to insert into your pages on request).

Takes your sites colour theme automatically.
To view fully functional sample sites, click a button below (or click image for a larger screenshot):
ASP Version
PHP Version
more View Live Demo Site View Live Demo Site Cheers buddy, I'm well happy with the system :)       
Jamie -
Get It here Subscription Membership Template here
The 'Fortune Design Membership System' looks professional, despite its very low cost.  It comes with clear documentation and all the necessary code for use with WebPlus, whether it is being added to an existing site or being used in a new build.  For many users the clear step by step instructions will probably be enough to get it all up and running in a very short time, but for those who need more assistance, or wish to modify the code, the support offered is simply extraordinary and second to none.

The site I administer is fairly well established with a members only section, but we were looking for something that would do a little more than provide a password control for certain pages.  We wanted a system that would allow users to retrieve lost passwords and change their existing ones themselves but still give us the control over those who actually register (the site has a strict policy on membership which is verified manually via a second source).  This system made it possible to combine our existing registration process with the additional facilities for user password maintenance.
As someone who is a comparative novice with html code, I was glad of the additional support and advice I received on setting up the system and adapting it to our specific needs.  There were a number of issues that I encountered, all of which were very quickly and professionally resolved, including assistance in transferring our existing members to the new system.
The system has been up and running for a few weeks without any difficulties being encountered by our members who have been able to continue accessing the members area with the new login system without having to re-register.
I would certainly recommend this system to others users of any level of  knowledge and must compliment Steve on the excellent support service he has provided.
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