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FREE WebPlus Templates
Here you will find a selection of FREE templates created for WebPlus, please select the correct version of WebPlus as X5 templates will not work on X4 or earlier although, X2 and X4 versions should work with X5. To view a larger image of the template or the pages included click the images.
FREE Themed Templates - The templates shown here, are designed for Serif WebPlus X5. They should look good in most browsers, and work best in landscape mode on small devices such as mobile phones. Click a template to see what pages are included.
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Financial Services Template
This Template utilises nivo-slider, rotating testimonials, lightboxes and a mortgage calculator amongst other features.

The template is designed for Serif WebPlus X5/6 specifically.

It contains 10 pages.

To see the what is included click the image below:
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Important Notes Finance Template Click for live demo Kart Club Templates Art Superstore Templates The Rovers Templates The Surfer Templates The Skier Templates
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Important Notes
Kart Club
Art Superstore
The Rovers
The Surfer Index
The Skier
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Now a version for X6 7 X7 Too!
Themes Template - X5/X6/X7
Finance Template - X5/X6/X7

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The above X6 packs now come with X7 templates too!