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Music Players for Your Web Site
Here you will find music players to enhance your website or blog. Most of these will work with any web site authoring software, some will only work with Serif WebPlus. If you have an idea for a widget  or tool that should appear here please use the contact form on the Home page to send me the details.   
Web Music Players for your Web Site or Blog
Multi Track Skinable MP3 Player FREE get a player What do you need?
You need to know the full Internet URL of all the songs you want in your play list. They can be mp3 files on your own website, or songs you have stored on a streaming host such as, (Kiwi6 is a free streaming host service for MP3’s). If the mp3’s are hosted on your own site the URL will be something like etc. If it is from a streaming host service it will be something like
If you want to use an image as a skin it must be exactly the same size as the size you choose for your player.
Currently the widths and heights available are:          Widths:       Heights:
Your image must be on the Internet, we do not currently host your images.
So again you will need the full URL of the image which must be a jpg, and should be small in size, so as to load quickly. When preparing your image save it with as much compression as possible, without losing too much quality, 20% is usually a good choice.
When you have those you are ready to make your player.
View the stock skins
Now you can get the program to create these players to host all files on your own website, and modify play lists at any time.                                 more>>
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