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Free Scripts
Here are some FREE scripts that you can use on your web site, personal or commercial. The only requirement is that you leave the remarks referring to the author in the scripts that you use on your published pages.  
reCaptcha in ASP 3.0 - protect your form submissions from spammers
First of all what is reCaptcha?
reCaptcha presents an image of two words to the person completing one of your web site forms, which they have to decipher and enter before the form can be successfully submitted.  This prevents spammers from automatically submitting your forms. The system to generate the random words and verify the user entered them correctly is FREE to use and register for here. When you register you will receive 2 keys, a Public Key and a Private Key. These are required for your reCaptcha to work and protect the security of the system. But in order for you to use reCaptcha you will need to insert code into your pages. There are some application and program plug-ins available at
For Classic ASP 3.0 RichoSoft has developed some coding to make it easy for you to implement on your Windows Server with ASP.  We have put this into 2 main ASP pages and a support page, which will work immediately you upload the pages to your website and entered the Public and Private Keys. You can see a demonstration of this in action on our Windows server here
The 3 pages you will need are : recaptcha1.asp, recaptcha2.asp and keyvals.asp.
You will need to get your public and private keys from here  and edit the keyvals.asp file to enter your keys.
Then simply upload all 3 files to your web site in a sub-directory if you wish and browse to, and test it. You can then modify the form to customise it to your requirements and change the response page (recapture2.asp ) to handle the form submissions in the manner you need. All pages contain markups of what each group of code does, to guide you through any changes you wish to make.  
RichoSoft supplies this code as-is and makes no guarantees that it will work correctly on your server, it is your responsibility to check that your server is capable of running Classic ASP 3.0 code. RichoSoft will accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage in whatever form caused by the code or modifications to the code by any other persons. By clicking the Download button you are accepting these terms.
Zip file contains:




Installation Guide (text file).
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