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Free Scripts
Here are some FREE scripts that you can use on your web site, personal or commercial. The only requirement is that you leave the remarks referring to the author in the scripts that you use on your published pages.  
To add reCaptcha to your page do the following:
Download the example package from the link below.
Get your public and private keys from reCaptcha here. Edit the keyvals.php file (in the zip package) replacing YOUR PUBLIC KEY and YOUR PRIVATE KEY with the ones you got from reCaptcha.
Place the following code just after the <body> tag on your page:
Place the following code just after your <form> tag or another position within your <form> tags where you want the reCaptcha image to appear:
On your response page (where your user is redirected to after submitting the form), place the following code just after the <body> tag:
And the following code where you want it to appear. You can add additional page code where indicated.
Upload the recaptchalib.php (in the zip file) to the same folder as your page together with your modified keyvals.php.

RichoSoft supplies this code as-is and makes no guarantees that it will work correctly on your server, it is your responsibility to check that your server is capable of running PHP code. RichoSoft will accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage in whatever form caused by the code or modifications to the code by any other persons. By clicking the Download button you are accepting these terms.
Zip file contains:



Sample form and response pages.

Installation Guide (text file).
reCaptcha in PHP - protect your form submissions from spammers etc
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