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Slide-Out MP3 Player
A working demo is attached to this page.
The code
Paste the code below into the <head> of your page:
Do NOT add the :
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
if you already have a version of jquery on your page.
Change the pathToTabImage: ‘images/contact.jpg’ to the location and file name of your pop-out image. This should be 25px x 44px.

Paste the code below into the <body> of your page just after the last </div> tag and directly before the </body> tag (this is important as the pop out will not be attached to the side of the browser window if it is positioned anywhere else):
Get your player code from my online MP3 Skinable Player Creator here    or    Create your player with the Web Music Player Program here

That’s It!   Sit back and admire your work.

You can download a WebPlus X5 wpp  on the right.
Download the wpp Template
Click the button to access the player Elegant Comments
Click the logo

PLEASE NOTE: Google have blocked hotlinks to the Tab jQuery files. So you need to replace the:

<script src=""></script> with a local version. Download it here: Zip file with tabSlideOut.v1.3.js add to your site in a folder called say js.


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