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These Members Systems are easy to install into your current site or you can use the pre-built members system template as the starting point for a new site. Some functions are installed in an iframe on an existing page in your site, whilst members pages can have the content in iframes or can be normal site pages with just two lines of code added to them.
Designed Specifically for Web Plus X5/6
A complete Members Site Template to build a members only site, or Add a dedicated Members Area
to Your existing site.
What’s Included

Fully functional pre-configured WebPlus templates for the Server Type you select (ASP or PHP) in X5 and X6.

All required support files.

WPP’s for X5 and X6 with each module that can be easily imported into an existing site.

A PDF installation guide and WPP version too.

An Access database pre-configured (with ASP System), and specifications for the database table in MS SQL (ASP version), or MySQL (PHP version). Scripts also included to automatically create the table in an MS SQL Database (ASP version) or MySQL (PHP version).

FREE Support (Vanilla product).

3 Site Licenses. (See below)
Now Available at an Introductory Price!
This template is licensed for use on up to 3 of your personal sites concurrently. If you wish to add it to additional personal sites you must purchase an additional copy for each multiple of 3 sites.
If you are creating sites for third parties then you must license each individual site by purchasing a copy of the template for each Third Party, or you can purchase a Multiple Commercial Reseller License, for a one-off fee.
Contact for more info.
Free Updates..
As new functions or code changes are added to the Subscription Version you get the latest version FREE!.
Subscription Members System for WebPlus X5/6 (PHP Version)
ASP Version
Coming soon...
Non-Subscription Membership Template here
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