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Premium Scripts in a template
Here are some Premium scripts that you can use on your web site, personal or commercial, installed in a WebPlus Template. You can customise them and full instructions are supplied on how to deploy them. You get FREE support too! If you want an HTML version please let me know.
Topic Rating System
How it works: This script uses two asp pages and an Access Database. Once the database tables are created, there is no need to ever open the database again, and the database has already been created for you.
eg. To add new topics. The script takes the Topic Description from the iframe link URL and ID that you set when you add the boxes (iframes) to your site pages, and automatically adds it to the table in the database. If it has not been added to the database by a user rating it, then it simply displays the title (picked up from the URL params) and a message “ not yet rated - Be the first to rate this topic...”
It also has basic anti-robot code built in.
Installing is simple you only need to change one line in one asp page upload the files as detailed to your windows server and add the frame (supplied) to your pages and it will work. (Note: The asp pages and database do not have to be on the same server as your websites. You could have your websites on a Linux server and the rating system on a Windows server somewhere else on the web.) It is so versatile you can even insert it in a text frame so that the text wraps around it (see above).

Lightweight - The code pages are only 8Kb, no major overhead on your server and fast to load.

Install in 5 minutes.

No Maintenance Required.

Add new topics as you insert it into your page with just 2 parameters to the iframe page url - no adding records to databases etc.
This rating system script with database, all necessary files, full instructions and a demo page for Web Plus X5 is available to buy and download.
Only £2.99.
Coming soon..  Let us host your rating panel system for you, all you have to do is paste a piece of code on your page.
ASP User Rating System
for WebPlus X5
Hosted version now available
In the Members Area Members Area
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