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personalisation Tools
Creating personalised content depending on where the user is located is quite easy with the help of  Geolocation by geoPlugin, google maps api and other sources. Below are some examples and some code created by Fortune Design from RichoSoft.
Insert Google Map with users location
(The map below should be displaying an area within close proximity to your actual location)
To add to your web site:
Paste the following to the head section of your page, replacing YOUR_API_KEY with your own API key.
Paste the following to the body section of your page, where you want the map. Change the position (left and top to the position you want on your page).

You will need a Google Maps API key to use the Google API in this way you can get one here.

You do not need to register to use GeoPlugIn, although it is best if you do, it’s free anyway. Register with GeoPlugIn here.
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