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Software to assist you create stunning websites
Web Music Player Maker creates MP3 players for your web site.
Simply click a few buttons to select options, add your music files, local mp3’s or URL’s of music on the Internet click Create and all the necessary files and code are created for you, to publish and host all required files on your own site.
No programming or HTML code knowledge required.
FREE Updates for life.
FREE Support.
No Adverts or promotional links.
more software..
Works on XP/Vista/7*
Here you will find a selection of FREE and Premium software from RichoSoft and Fortune Design to help you design effective web sites. All our software is designed with the user in mind, It is simple, easy to install and easy to use. More coming soon.
* Vista and 7 may require additional VB runtime files
Sample Player
How to Use Video
Graphics on video are not 100% quality to keep video size small
Web Music Player Maker
* Click the Update button on the toolbar in the Main Program Screen to upgrade your copy FREE to the Pro Version with Active SWF Skins.
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